Our experienced operatives provide a safe, low cost service and we have the knowledge and experience to make your windows sparkle.

Regardless of whether a window cleaner is using a squeegee and a set of ladders or the latest water fed pole technology, it is important you find a window cleaner who has been approved or recommended, provides a professional and reliable service and someone who complies with health and safety legislation.

As the owner of a building you are responsible for ensuring that any window cleaning work carried out at your property complies with Work at Height legislation.

By using a code compliant member, such as ourselves, customers can expect the safety of their window cleaner and the general public to be of paramount importance whilst window cleaning is being carried out at their property.

Our commercial window cleaning team recognises how important it is to portray the right image to customers and employees alike and are committed to delivering standards of service that are unrivalled in the industry.

We do not just clean residential and office windows. We also offer additional services including Gutter Cleaning and jet washing of patios, decking, pathways, walls and slabs.